5 Tips for Pumpkin Carving with Kids

I was provided with pumpkin carving tools from Pumpkin Masters but opinions are 100% my own. 

This was our first year carving pumpkins with the kiddos and boy was it an adventure. Our three year old desperately wanted to cut his own pumpkin off the vine at the pumpkin patch and of course that day mom forgot her wallet! When we finally got a pumpkin (at the store – shhh!) he couldn’t wait to carve pumpkins. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into so I thought I would share some tips I learned from our own experience.

5 Tips for Pumpkin Carving with Kids. Things I learned from experience on www.mommyenvy.com

5 Tips for Pumpkin Carving with Kids

  1. Make picking pumpkins an adventure. The kids won’t last long during the cleaning and carving part but they have a blast picking out pumpkins. Whether you have a pumpkin patch near by or you pick up your pumpkins at the store kids will have more fun picking their pumpkins then carving them.
  2. Don’t carve the pumpkins. There are fun ways to decorate pumpkins that don’t need knives and frustration for the kids. You can use paint, washi tape, glow in the dark paint or even bolts and screws! You can also shave the surface with the Surface Carving Kit from Pumpkin Masters. If you don’t carve your design you won’t need to clean out the pumpkin and the pumpkin will last longer.
  3. Carve pumpkins on top of a trash bag. This makes for easy clean up. You could even make a poncho out of a trash bag for the kids.
  4. Pick small pumpkins that are also wide (short and round) for carving. This way you have less seeds to clean out and you can still make a wide enough opening to have room to really dig out the seeds. Kids won’t last long on this step so you will be doing the work. You still want enough surface area to carve your design so I guess it’s up to you. Less prep work or surface area for design.
  5. Use safe tools. The kids won’t last long but for their safety and yours pick tools that are meant for carving pumpkins. Pumpkin carving knives and puncture wheels are great tools for pumpkin carving because they are not sharp like kitchen knives. Pumpkin Masters has tool kits available for all kinds of fun for pumpkin carving with kids.

Do you carve pumpkins with the kids yet?

We decided to carve the surface on our pumpkin…after cleaning it out of course. My oldest scooped out seeds longer than I thought he would!

Here’s one side of our pumpkin:

Spider web pumpkin carving.

And half way through making the spider web my 3 year old found the bat and had to have it!

Bat pumpkin carving

I probably shouldn’t admit this but I did this carving! Surface carving isn’t as easy is it seems. I did have my toddler hold onto the handle with me but that probably didn’t change much. All that matters is the kids had fun and they are so proud to show people their pumpkin that now sits on our front porch.

Here are the tools I received to help me with this post. I am really excited to use the decorative punches but our pumpkin was a little too big and the punch didn’t go all the way through (our pumpkin was actually quite large). The surface carving kit was much easier and safer to use with the kids. Since we decided to carve the surface we really didn’t get to use the saw but I’m guessing we will need a smaller pumpkin.

Pumpkin Carving with Kids - Tool Kits

pumpkin Masters

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