How to Clean Your House Quickly for Guests

Yes I am one of those people who need to clean before people come over. It’s habit, when I was younger I had to help clean the house if I ever wanted friends over and I still do! I also really love getting the whole house cleaned at the same time so inviting friends over is a good excuse motivation to clean up. I’ve gathered a couple good tips on how to clean your house quickly for those last minute dinner parties.

I also really really love getting the whole house clean before going on vacation. That way you come home to a clean house and clean sheets. So nice! It is much harder to do now with two kids but it’s always a goal and my family will get the hang of it one day.
Tips for cleaning your house quickly for guests. Instead of worrying about the clutter here are some ways to hide it for the evening. |

So here are my favorite tips for getting your house cleaned quickly for guests.

Get your household on a schedule. I know, easier said then done. But if you already keep up with the bulk of it you should only need a quick straighten up. I wrote an entire series of tips for cleaning your house. And having a schedule printed up with help your spouse and family do a few things to help. I am terrible at articulating what I need help with. My husband will ask me how he can help and I’m so focused on what I’m doing I can’t explain myself well. With a list he can easily pick something himself and do it without asking. Love him for that!

Invest in baskets. I love throwing toys, blankets, and any clutter into a basket. After the guests leave I can put it where it belongs. The right baskets will blend perfectly into your decor and you won’t even know what is hiding inside. I also like taking a basket with me when I clean each room. If something doesn’t belong in the room it goes in the basket. Then when I go to the room it belongs in I can easily put it away.

Prioritize. Pick your most important task (this will be different for everyone) and get that job done first. It’s best to have one (important) task done right. For me it’s making my bed and then the kitchen sink and kitchen counters. If I can get those done I feel 10x’s better! I am the type of person who has to make their bed before getting into it at night. I love this concept. It’s the same with any to-do list. Make your list with the top 3 items listed first. Get those done first and everything else will fall into place. Just try it for a week I promise you will feel better!

Take a breather. Once you have those 2 or 3 prioritized items on your list done take a moment to enjoy it. I save cleaning my bathroom until the end. Then I get to be the first one to use a clean shower. There’s just something satisfying about it. Rather then hurrying around the house cleaning right up to the time guests arrive, try taking a moment to yourself. Whether that is taking a shower or reading a book while sipping your favorite drink. Your guests will notice. I am a much better host if I relax a moment before guests arrive.

What are your favorite quick cleaning tips?

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      That’s great! I should do that more after the kids go to bed so they don’t follow me making another mess after I clean one up.

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      Absolutely! I try to do a little bit everyday but I still get that surprise from my husband “oh so and so is in town and wants to see the house” no pressure! And it’s normally a day I let the kids go crazy with toys (I normally only let them have one toy out at a time.

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