Easy Zookeeper Costume

Have you heard of the website Really Awesome Costumes? If you love Halloween as much as I do you need to take a look because… well, you can find really awesome costume ideas! When I found out they teamed up with C.R.A.F.T  for a DIY Halloween costume series I immediately signed up because I love Halloween that much! That means our costumes are ready a month and a half early!
Handmade Costume Series 1
This year Baby B is going to be a Zookeeper! He loves his stuffed animals (in a growl and attack kind of way) Which made his costume photoshoot a little difficult.
Zookeeper Costume
Not only is this costume easy to make, it cost me $1.49 (denim shirt and khakis) thanks to our local thrift store 50% sale!  I pared that up with an I.D. badge and Walkie Talkie.  Can you believe the denim shirt had shoulder hooks for the walkie talkie…destiny calling!  The hardest part of the costume was keeping him from playing with the accessories so have a back up (like a superman onesie on underneath).
zookeeper badge
We LOVE Halloween…Here’s last year’s costumes, (I’m a pirate if you couldn’t tell):
Halloween 2012



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    What a simple, CUTE idea for a costume! I love it :) Thanks for participating in the Really Awesome Handmade costume series!

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    How adorable! When I saw the walkie talkie, I was thinking the same thing about kids trying to play with it. Good idea with the backup costume!

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