30 of the Best Poke Cake Recipes

I love that there are so many kinds of poke cake recipes! A little something about me, I don’t like frosting. Every year my mom would make us whatever dessert we wanted for our birthday. Another little something about me, I share a birthday with my brother (5 years apart). So we would team up and ask for two of our favorite desserts to capitalize on the homemade dessert deal. Needless to say she eventually started buying ice cream cakes because that’s what she liked and she didn’t have to make two desserts for the same day.

The dessert I asked for most was a yellow cake with chocolate pudding and cool whip on top instead of frosting. This could have easily been made into a poke cake. Did I also mention I prefer cold cake to fresh out of the oven cake? Which makes me love poke cakes even more since they normally have a pudding in them that needs to set!

I’ve been thinking about making my own poke cake recipe based on my favorite birthday dessert so I’ve been doing some research. Here are 30 of the best poke cake recipes I’ve seen so far!

30 Poke Cake Recipes

Poke Cake Recipes I want to Try

Classic Poke Cake Recipes

Fruit Inspired Poke Cake Recipes

Chocolate/Peanut Butter Inspired Poke Cake Recipes

Fall Inspired Poke Cake Recipes

Fall Inspired Poke Cake Recipes

Cookie and Candy Inspired Poke Cake Recipes

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